The team at Planet Green Corporation is committed to assisting brand owners and manufacturers achieve better environmental outcomes through the adoption of biodegradable packaging.

The partnership of Planet Green Corporation and Wells Plastics brings together more than 25 years of experience in the plastics industry, providing sustainable and technical solutions for many of today’s environmental challenges. With ISO certified manufacturing and accredited laboratory facilities, we are able to design, develop and manufacture products to the highest industry standards. We can also provide in-house testing and Reverte modifications to meet the specific needs of our valued customers.

Since the discovery of plastics during the industrial revolution this extraordinary material has in one form or another risen to become an integral part of our daily lives. In fact, many modern technological advances would not be possible without the use of plastics.
Society’s dependence on this versatile and cost effective material has resulted in its exponential proliferation, mostly to make products that are discarded within a short period or at best a few years. Because ordinary plastics simply do not degrade for hundreds of years and many municipalities either do not recycle or don’t recycle a wide array of plastics, much of the waste plastics end up in landfills or even worse as litter. This has become a serious economic, social and environmental problem. As well as being a visual blight, plastic waste pollutes not only the world’s landmass but its oceans and waterways as well. It can become a deadly peril to marine and animal life. These problems have led to a growing, immediate need for alternative thinking as well as a viable economic solution.

Reverte is the best solution

This programmable, non-toxic additive technology contains no heavy metals and is utilized at a very minimal inclusion rate. This results in no change to the manufacturing process or performance of the finished product which has equivalent or better performance and characteristics as its conventional counterparts.

Our manufacturing partner  Wells Plastics Limited has been an innovator in the development of many specialty additives for a broad range of applications in the manufacture of polymer products. No other company can offer an equivalent range of add-ons.

Planet Green Corporation, on the other hand, can provide its customers with one stop shopping.

“Oxo-biodegradable technology is used around the world because it works—plastic products using the technology degrade and oxo-biodegrade in the disposal environment they are designed for. Because this is an additive technology, it is easy to implement in existing processing facilities.” -Lee Doty-Plastics News, July 16th, 2007